Becoming a Minimalist

About 6 months ago I watched a documentary called, Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things. It had an immediate impact and the next day I started to offload things that I didn’t need or use anymore. Clothes went in the donation bins, I sold my xbox and a bunch of games and a few other items were sold online. After a week or so of getting rid of stuff, I asked myself, “Why am I doing this? We don’t have a lot of stuff anyway, so what’s the point?”

So I stopped and went back to the drawing board. I re-watched the documentary, started reading articles and blogs, listening to podcasts and reading books. Through this process of learning about the whys of minimalism I started asking myself some deeper questions, “What are my values? What am I passionate about? What sort of person am I? What’s important to me?” Questions that I’ve never really been asked before and questions I didn’t have an answer for.

And then it clicked. Getting rid of stuff is just the beginning. Once the unnecessary stuff is out of the way, it allows you to take control and focus on what’s really important in your life. Minimalism is about living intentionally and deliberately with the things you have in your life. It’s about only keeping the things in your life that add value or bring you joy. Not just materiel possessions either, the principles apply to relationships, hobbies, passions, your job. Minimalism isn’t a goal, it’s a direction.

Through this blog I’ll be documenting my story and what I learn on the way. Hopefully through what I learn it will inspire other people to apply some minimalist principles to their own lives.