Letting go

A few months ago our beautiful blue heeler, Harvey, passed away. We found out he had lymphoma a couple of months before that and we were able to manage it with medication for a while, but his health eventually declined. Having to make the decision to say goodbye was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. He was a big part of our lives for close to 15 years. He traveled to the other side of the world with us and we had a lot of great adventures together. From hiking in the snow in Scotland to camping on the beach on the east coast of Australia. He was a cool dog.


Since he passed away, we’ve been keeping some of his stuff. His kennel, some of his bedding and a few other bits and pieces. I wanted to hang on to these things, because it reminded me of him, I didn’t want to forget about him. This week we finally sold or donated the rest of his things and after the last of it was gone, I felt sad, but also happy. I was sad, because I still miss him, but happy because I knew his things will find a new home.

I realised that I don’t need his things to remind me of him. We have a number of photos, I have a photo of him as the background on my phone, so we don’t need physical things as reminders. We also have stories and memories of him and I won’t be forgetting about him anytime soon.