Show up and climb the hill

This post is slightly off topic to the central theme of my blog, but I really wanted to share this.

I went to a motivational workshop over the weekend with the tagline of being prepared to put in the work. The presenter was an exercise physiologist, a personal trainer, coach, motivational speaker and author. He covered a number of topics including, habit change, living your life to your values and beliefs and how to identify what success looks like for you. But one story he shared left me with a big impact.

He was coaching a client that wanted to lose 40kg. He told his client to find a hill close to home and walk to the top and back everyday. The client started asking about what he should be eating or what about a weights program or what about other exercises. He told the client not to worry about any of that for moment, just focus on getting to the top of the hill and back everyday. The next day the client walked to the top of the hill and back. It was quite a long and steep hill and took him over an hour. It was painful, hard and he didn’t enjoy the experience at all. He hated the hill! But the next day he did it again.

Six months went by and he’d lost a significant amount of weight, was more confident, sleeping better, had more energy, communicated better and had better relationships. All because of the hill. The hill hadn’t changed, it was still a hill. But what had changed was his experience of climbing the hill. He now loved the hill and got a lot of pride and enjoyment out of climbing the hill.

The takeaway from that story is find your hill, literal or metaphorical, and climb it every single day. Climb the hill until it becomes just a part of who you are. My hill is getting out of bed early in the morning. I’ve struggled to do it consistently and I’ve told myself over the years that I’m not a morning person. But I plan on changing that.

Let me know what your hill is, literal or metaphorical, and how you plan to conquer it.