Knowing Myself: Part 3 – Passions and what is it all for

Follow your passion! That’s probably the worst piece of advice I have ever heard. For one I had no idea what I was passionate about and secondly, I’m not so sure I want to make a career out of my passions. I also feel that your passions change over time. What you’re passionate about in your 20’s, will likely be different to what you’re passionate about in your 30’s. For people who have followed their passions, which led them to successful and fulfilling careers, that’s awesome. But I don’t think that works for everyone.

I had some idea of what I was passionate about before I started on this minimalism and self-discovery journey, but it’s helped me a lot to really work it out and write them down. Once I’d figured out my values and beliefs and had a good think about times when I was truly loving what I was doing, it became fairly obvious what I was passionate about.


Last weekend I went kayaking with a mate down the Snowy River. As we were driving down a windy dirt road to get to our starting off point and could see the river off in the distance, I was getting super excited. I was also happy, I could feel myself smiling. It was a good feeling.

In August I spent a week on Fraser Island, which was fantastic! I highly recommend getting out to Fraser. On one day we decided to drive up to the northern most point. I still remember the feeling of driving along the beach to get to the top, then reaching the cape and seeing the colour of the water, it was magic! That was also a good feeling.


Thinking about those experiences and others, along with my values and beliefs, it made a lot of sense that I’m passionate about adventure and travel. I also really love sharing those adventures and experiences. Could I make a job or career out of that, definitely. Do I want to, I’m not really sure. For now I love getting out in the outdoors, exploring new places and doing cool and interesting things.

Since this is the last post in my 3 part self-discovery series, I thought I’d wrap it all up with a, “what is it all for and why?”. So why did I decide to go down this self-discovery path and get into minimalism and mediation?

For a long time I got caught up in having an important sounding job title, earning more money and having better stuff. And not having that “stuff” was making me unhappy. Or when I did eventually get that “stuff” that happiness would wear off and I’d have to look for the next thing. Since I’ve gotten into minimalism, meditation and maybe even becoming a dad, I’ve realised how little that stuff actually matters. The only thing that can make me happy, is me.

I also want to set a good example for my daughter. If she sees me as someone constantly chasing money or the next thing to make me happy, how do you think she’ll grow up. But if she sees me as a dad who is present, who spends time with her, takes her on adventures and who is happy, then that can only have a positive affect on her life.

Personally I think knowing yourself is the best investment you can make if you want to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life.

4 thoughts on “Knowing Myself: Part 3 – Passions and what is it all for

  1. I totally agree the whole time I was reading that I was thinking its all about fulfilling yourself being positive and having a good outlook I think brings on good experiences and lots of exciting things which brings anyone happiness . And it dosnt take stuff or money to be able to achieve that.

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    1. Thanks for your comment! You’re right, being positive and having a good outlook opens you up to having good experiences. And also realising that you dont need more money or more stuff to have those experiences.


  2. YES! It’s THE most important thing. I’m always banging on about it, lol! But it is SO true. There is so much life to be had if you stop worrying about pleasing others, doing the right thing, or being someone you’re not. Know yourself and live a great life 🙂

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