What’s adding value

This post is way of me sharing some of the things I’ve been finding value in over the last couple of months, I like to share and hopefully some other people can find value in these things as well 😉

Atomic Habits by James Clear – I just finished this book a week ago and I’m already getting a ton of value from it. Practical advice on how to build good habits and get rid of bad ones. I’ve started to implement some of the principles in my effort to create a habit of waking up early, so far so good!

Matt D’Avella’s podcast – This is my favourite podcast by far. I listen to a few podcasts regularly, including The Minimalists, Rich Roll and Business Insider, but Matt’s is the only one I look forward to every week. It’s always of a very high quality and it feels like listening to two people have a conversation about life. The Nate Green episode is still my favourite.

Screen Time app – I caught up with a good friend for coffee yesterday and he steered me in the direction of this app. It can track how much time you spend on your phone or tablet and which apps are consuming that time. It can also set timers for those apps, like only being able to use Youtube for 2 hours for example. Though my favourite feature is only allowing certain apps for a specific time window throughout the day. I’ve set a timer to start at 9pm and finish at 7am to only allow basic apps, plus my meditation app and a running app. I also got my wife to set a passcode for this timeout function, so I can’t just get around it easily.

The Good Place and Brooklyn Nine Nine – Both of these shows are on Netflix and are produced by the same person. They’re so easy to watch, light, funny and positive. Sometimes there’s nothing better than sitting down after a hard day with a nice glass of whisky, watching one or two of these episodes and having a good laugh.

Oblivion soundtrack by M83 – I know this movie has been out for a few years, but I only saw it this weekend. Whilst I enjoyed the movie, the soundtrack really stood out. I’m a big fan of M83’s sound and music and this soundtrack is no different.