Twelve Months of Minimalism

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been reflecting on what I’ve learnt since getting into minimalism and realised that it’s almost been 12 months since I started on this journey. I’ve made a lot of significant changes over that time and it’s been a very big 12 months! I’d like to share those lessons I’ve learnt.

More stuff is not the answer

If you’re relying on a fancy new car, a job promotion or more money to make you happy, trust me, it won’t. There’s nothing wrong with those things, but if you’re waiting for them to make you happy, that’s not it. It sounds cliche, but only you can make yourself happy. I used to be in a constant state of waiting for the next thing to make me happy, but that waiting was making me unhappy and getting rid of stuff actually made me realise this. I also realised that I don’t need a lot of stuff in the first place and having less stuff is incredibly freeing. Why work in a job you don’t really like, to pay off a car you don’t really need, to be able to drive to work?

Don’t buy shit you don’t need, to impress people you don’t like. – Nate Green

Most things in life are temporary

Sometimes it can feel like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel when you’re in a situation you don’t like. When I’ve got the flu or somethings not going my way, I find it easy to get bogged down thinking there’s no way out. But the flu doesn’t last. I might feel better tomorrow or the next day, I just need to push through. On the reverse side, life itself is also temporary. Given that life is finite, it changes your perspective on things. Is this how you want to live or who you want to be with your limited amount of time? Why not be the best person you can possibly be, for the time you have.

Stop relying on external validation

Easier said than done, but it’s a skill I’m trying to learn and work on. I initially started writing this blog just for me. I enjoy writing and I wanted an outlet for the things I was doing. It’s awesome that people also read my blog and get some value out of it now as well. Sometimes I’ll spend a fair amount of time writing a blog and not many people will read it, that’s no big deal. But then I’ll jump onto Facebook and someone’s posted a photo of what they had for dinner that night and it gets a heap of likes and comments. That part stings a bit. I am learning to get over this though.

Give stuff a try, it may lead you somewhere unexpected

At the start of last year, I never would have thought I’d be meditating regularly, or eating a plant-based diet or taking cold showers. But here I am and I’m enjoying all of it. Being open to giving minimalism a try has led me to where I am now. A more calm, less anxious, less vain, more healthy and more mindful version of the person I used to be.