Don’t be so hard on yourself

Most of the time I’m pretty hard on myself, particularly when it comes to fitness, weight loss or my job. But I’m learning to give myself a break and to be proud of my achievements.

Over the weekend I took part in a 25k trail race in the Australian high country, you can read about that event in my previous post. Whilst I certainly would have liked to have been fitter and leaner, I’m still really proud of what I accomplished. Previously I would have been quite critical that I didn’t finish faster or that I walked quite a bit of the race, now I look at it with a different perspective. It was my first trail race, my first time running longer than a half marathon and it was a bloody hard race and I’m damn proud of that.

It’s ok to be a little bit hard or critical on yourself sometimes, if you’ve been plain lazy and haven’t accomplished what you wanted then be honest about it. But remember to give yourself a break as well. It’s ok to be proud and celebrate your achievements, whether that’s finishing a race or losing 1kg.

“It doesn’t get any easier; you just get faster”

– Greg Lemond, 3 x Tour de France winner