My 30 Days as a Vegan

I recently finished up my 30 days as a vegan and I can definitely say it was a positive experience. I learnt quite a lot over those 30 days, it's re-framed the way I now think about food and going forward, my decisions around the food I eat will be different. The first 10 days... Continue Reading →

What’s inspiring me

For this post I wanted to share what I've been watching, reading and listening to, that has given me inspiration in some form. I'll look to post up something like this every few months. Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things - I've mentioned this one in a previous blog, but it's essentially what kicked... Continue Reading →

Vegan for 30 Days

I've had an interest in a vegan or vegetarian way of thinking about food for a while now, so I've decided to move to a vegan diet for the next 30 days starting on Monday. There's a number of reasons and benefits for changing the way I think about food, but there's two primary reasons... Continue Reading →

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