In Pursuit of Happiness

For as long as I can remember, it's felt like something was missing from my life. Something that would make me truly happy. I've definitely had a lot of happy moments, but I've always wanted something more, something better. A better job, more money, a nicer car, to be fitter and leaner, there's always been... Continue Reading →

Unsubscribe, delete, disable, turn off

I recently calculated that over 80% of personal emails I receive, I delete immediately without even reading. These aren't spam emails, these are newsletters or websites I signed up to at some point and now the emails just aren't relevant anymore. So instead of deleting these emails, I clicked unsubscribe. It wasn't an easy task,... Continue Reading →

Simple Meditation

Meditation is a fairly simple exercise and yet it is so powerful. There's probably some misconceptions about what meditation is, like it's used to clear your mind or stop your thoughts. But you can never stop your thoughts and as for clearing your mind, maybe. For me, meditation is really about acknowledging your thoughts and... Continue Reading →

Becoming a Minimalist

About 6 months ago I watched a documentary called, Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things. It had an immediate impact and the next day I started to offload things that I didn't need or use anymore. Clothes went in the donation bins, I sold my xbox and a bunch of games and a few... Continue Reading →

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