Twelve Months of Minimalism

Over the last couple of weeks I've been reflecting on what I've learnt since getting into minimalism and realised that it's almost been 12 months since I started on this journey. I've made a lot of significant changes over that time and it's been a very big 12 months! I'd like to share those lessons... Continue Reading →

A look back on 2018

2018 has been a pretty big year. I can honestly say, I am a much better person than I was 12 months ago. I'm better emotionally, mentally, my health has improved, I've built a number of positive habits and I'm also a dad! I want to write this post as a way of documenting my... Continue Reading →

Knowing Myself: Part 1 – Personality

One of the biggest benefits I've gotten out of getting into minimalism and meditation, is it has led me to look inwards and self-reflect. A lot of the information I was reading and listening to was talking about aligning your life with your values and cultivating your passions. That's great, but what exactly are my... Continue Reading →

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